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ZHCASH - 5th generation open blockchain platform
With algorithms ZTXO (UTXO), POS, IPOS, DPOS, POW, DPG

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A system to transform your business

Network start date: 12/4/2019

ZHCASH NETWORK is a blockchain platform that has an automated process for creating applications, operating at the level of innovative intellectual conditions, creating cryptographic digital coins and conducting financial companies. The main difference from many other blockchain projects is the so-called fork between Bitcoin with its more innovative cousin Ethereum, which is to work on top of the system.


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ZHCASH cryptocurrency is an open blockchain project for the best transformation of your business. There is a technology that meets the unified ERC20 standards. We enable you and your business to host your own blockchain and deploy digital assets in a couple of clicks, which no other platform can provide. The system interface is so simple that even as a beginner it will not be difficult for the developer to figure it out. Our main differences are: a simple way of constructing coins and tokens, the least requirements for the customer's personal information, absolute availability regardless of the aspect of creation, the simplest procedure for creating an infrastructure. Coins can be used to implement digital things such as tokens, cryptocurrencies, stocks and many others. The fast and secure operation of the platform combined with fast transactions results in superior system performance.

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